Membership Management System

Manage Member Information
Keep track of all your member information in one place. Mailing Address, Physical Address, Contact Name, E-mail Address, Phone Numbers, Fax Number, Internet URL, and Member Category are just some of the kinds of member data at your fingertips.
Manage Member Status
If your organization requires members to pay dues then you can keep your list updated in real-time. New members display when published automatically. No need to get your Webmaster to update your site every time. Also, if member become inactive, they are automatically removed from the member listing page.
Contact Your Members
Send e-mail to your members with one click. You can select whether you want to send to active or inactive members. Members whom their dues will be expiring within.
Promote Your Members
If you choose to promote your members on the Internet, a page is provided to integrate into your existing web site. The member listing page can be customized by font, color and size. Members can choose to not be published if they wish and can change this information themselves through their login area.
Mail Your Members
Since your member mailing address is already maintained in the system, you can create all the mailing labels with one click. Customize your label print pages to members of certain status.

Organization Login

Number of Active Members Price
Less Than 250 $20 per month
250 to 499 $50 per month
500 to 999 $75 per month
1,000 to 2,999 $100 per month
3,000 to 6,999 $150 per month

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